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[13.] Magyar Folk-Tales. By the Rev. W. H. Jones and Lewis H. Kropf. [Published at 153.]


19. Folk-Lore Journal, Vol. V. (Quarterly.) [Not sold separately.] W. H. Babcock : American Song-Games. W. G. Black : North Friesland Folktales. C. P. Bowditch : Negro Songs from Barbados. A. Colles : A Witch's Ladder. M. A. Courtney: Cornish Folklore. J. G. Frazer : A Witch's Ladder. M. Gaster : The Modern Origin of Fairy Tales. J. S. King : Folklore of the Western Somali Tribes. W. F. Kirby : The Forbidden Doors of the Thousand and One Nights. C. G. Leland: The Witch's Ladder. N. G. Mitchell Innes : Chinese Birth, Marriage, and Death Rites. Mrs. Murray-Aynsley : Secular and Religious Dances of Primitive Peoples. G. Taylor : Folklore of Aboriginal Formosa.


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22. Aino Folk-Tales. By Basil Hall Chamberlain, with Intro- duction by Edward B. Tylor. (Privately printed and sold to Members of the Society only, price 5s. Not included in the Annual Subscription.)

. Studies in the Legend of the Holy Grail, with especial reference to the Hypothesis of its Celtic Origin, By Alfred Nutt. [Out of Print]