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No. 3." You may OVERTAKE me on my RIGHT."

(This signal should only be given when it is safe for the overtaking vehicle to pass. The overtaking driver is not absolved thereby from the duty of satisfying himself that he can overtake with safety.)

The Highway Code 1931 021 Signal 3.pngNo. 3.Extend the right arm and hand below the level of the shoulder and move them backwards and forwards.

The drivers of HORSE-DRAWN vehicles should preferably use the three foregoing signals, giving them where possible by hand alone, and in any case keeping the whip (if any) clear of other traffic.

The Highway Code 1931 021 Signal 4.pngNo. 4. Alternatively, the following signals may be used :—

No. 4. "I am going to STOP."

Raise the whip vertically with the arm extended above the right shoulder.