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The Highway Code 1931 022 Signal 5.pngNo. 5

No.5. "I am going to TURN."

Rotate the whip above the head; then incline the whip to the right or left to show the direction in which the turn is to be made.


When approaching a police constable engaged in the regulation of traffic, drivers of all vehicles should whenever possible indicate to him by means of one of the following signals the direction in which they wish to proceed. The signals are shown in the diagrams as being given with the fight hand, but Signals Nos. 6 and 7 may be given with the left hand if more convenient.

No. 6. "I want to go STRAIGHT AHEAD."

The Highway Code 1931 022 Signal 6.png
No. 6

Raise the hand towards the shoulder and move the forearm well forwards and then back in a vertical plane, making the movement sufficiently pronounced to be easily seen by the constable.