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Keep on guard against the errors of others. Never take a risk in the hope or expectation that everyone else will do what is necessary to avoid the consequences of your rashness.

Take special care in bad weather and when the roads are slippery and all road users have less control over their movements.


Warn children of the dangers of the road and teach them how to avoid them.


Vehicles.—Keep to the left (or near side) except when overtaking other vehicles or avoiding obstructions: when overtaking, overtake on the right (or off-side).

[This rule does not necessarily apply in places where there are special arrangements for the regulation of traffic, such as "one-way" streets, "roundabouts", etc. In such places get into your proper line of traffic and keep in it. Subject to any local provisions to the contrary tramcars may be overtaken on either side.]

Pedestrians.—Always walk on the footpath where one is provided : if there is no footpath it is generally better to walk on the right of the carriageway so as to face oncoming traffic.

Lead Animals.—It is the usual practice when leading an animal to keep to the right so as to face oncoming traffic.

Ridden Animals.—Observe the rule of the road for vehicles unless leading another animal (see above).