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CAREFULLY regulate your speed at all times to suit the circumstances and weather prevailing. Always have your vehicle under full control and be ready and able to pull up well within the distance which you can see to be clear.

[This is in addition to the strict observance of any speed limits which may be in force.]

SIGNALS. When you intend to stop, slow down, or change direction, give the appropriate signal clearly, definitely and in good time.

[Hand signals for this purpose are fully described and illustrated in the Appendix (see page 18). Where the approriate signal can be given effectively by a suitable mechanical or electrical device there is no objection to its use]

Keep a sharp look out for signals by persons regulating traffic and for traffic signs and signals.

[It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to fail to conform to the directions of a police constable when engaged in the regulation of traffic or to any direction given by a light signal or other traffic sign where special arrangements for the regulation of traffic are in force. The signals to be given by police constables are illustrated and described in the Appendix (see Page 15).]


Never overtake unless you can see sufficiently far ahead to do so with safety. Remember that the brow of a steep hill or a hump-backed bridge is as dangerous as a sharp bend because it conceals oncoming traffic.