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Do not overtake at cross roads or road junctions except when there is some system of control in operation such as a "roundabout" which makes it possible for you to do so with safety.

When you decide to overtake other traffic sound your horn unless you are satisfied that such a precaution is unnecessary.

After overtaking go back to the left side of the road, but not before you can do this without inconvenience to the person overtaken.

Do not cut in. Remember the right-hand side of the road belongs first to on-coming traffic. Never overtake, therefore, unless it is clear that you can pass and get back to the left side of the road again without making either the person overtaken, or a person approaching from the opposite direction, check speed or alter direction suddenly.

When being overtaken by another driver try to help and not to hinder. Never accelerate at such a moment. Keep well to the left and if the road is clear signal him on. Such a signal does not absolve the overtaking driver from the duty of satisfying himself that he can overtake with safety.

Subject to any local provisions to the contrary, tramcars may be overtaken on either side. Before you overtake a tramcar which is about to stop or is stationary, watch carefully to see if passengers are intending to board or alight. Go slowly or stop as the circumstances require.


Take special care at corners and bends to leave ample room for on-coming traffic.