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This page needs to be proofread.
History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

me vij bushels of meal worth a mark a bushel & so was worth £Z, I say rec. in mony £9>o and in come £% . . Wigan corne Itm, I took home Wigan corne in kind, & spent in my house being 12 thrave of wheat, 201 thrave of barly, 205 thrave of otes, & 40 thrave of beanes TV ^/l lrX& ••• ••• ••• •■• ■•• I spent in my house this yeare (besides Wigan corne) x^ worth of wheat w^*> I brought home from Abram, & £Z in otes w«^** I took home from Aspool, & 3 in rye w^^ I took home from Billinge& Winstanly, %L £ 10 in wheat from Pemberton. In all I spent in my house this yeare

f22 ID* in corne besides all Wigan

corne, & all that I bought befor har- vest for all the summer & harvest tyme. Mortuaryes ItM, I receaved for mortuaryes this year

for Thomas Naylor of Pemberton p^ x* 
for Adam Hindly of Hindlye p<l x» 
for Wittm Foster of Wigan p* x* 
for Mrs. Smyth, old Bordman gives 
for Wittm Tunsted of Holland owes mex» 

[since] p<*.

for John Winstanly of Wigan owes 

me 10^ he p^ me x»

for Wittm Whaley of Holland owing 

to me iqs he left me in pawne a brasse pott sm of Wigan rec this yeare (161 6) besides debts unpd.;^566 12s i^i

o o 
8 4 



o 10 o o 10 o ' In this calculation the bishop appears to have omitted to reckon the ^"3 lar. received from mortuaries.