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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

149 thrave of otes: 2 thrave of beanes I receaved of James Leigh 35 0 0
Md. I bargained wth him & Roger Brownlow (including George Birchall of the honyst yard) that they should rent the said corn of Orrell for 6 yeares more paying £38 yearly for the corn only; and all other tithes they must pay in kind to me: this £38 they must pay me yearly in my house at Wigan 2o februarii: so if they shall dislike their bargaine at Michelmas wch shall be Ao 1618, or befor, they shall not be bound to hold it afterwards.
Pemberto' corne Itm. for tith corne of Pemberton this yeare being wheat 4 thrave (which I took home to my house and I did not value); but barley 153 thrave; otes 269 thrave; beanes 6 thrave; valueing barly at 3s 4d the thrave, otes at 2s 6d, & beanes at 3s 4d, I sold it this yeare to Wm. Wakefield to be pd me at Candlemas next for £55, & he must bear all charges & I pay only for barn rent 55 0 0
Hindly corne

Aspool corne
Itm. for tith corne of Hindly this yeare, being 30 thrave of wheat, 86 of barly, 265 of otes & 7 of beanes. Also for the tith corne of Aspool, being 96 thrave of barly & 255 thrave of otes & 3 thrave of beanes; all wch I sold to Wm. Wakefield, Laur: Prescot, Ezek. Diglis &c. for £80 reserving to myself 53 thrave of otes wch yelded