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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

demise, and paying me yearly upon St. Luke's day £16 10; wch he did for this present year pay me by his man 18o Octob: 1616 ... ... 16 10 0

Ince corne Itm. for tith corne of Ince wch Mr. Gerard pleads to be his by p'scription paying me yearly £4 viz. at I receaved this year in money of him 4 0 0

Holland & Dalton Itm. for tith corn of holland and dalton for wch Earle of Darby pleads prescription paying yearly at Annunciation 19 marks wch his officers tendred to me 24o March 1616, but I deferred till I should know whether I or Mrs. Massey had best right to it, so he owes me for it. But since it is pd ... 12 13 4

Abram corne Itm. for tith come of Abram wch I gathered in kind this year and being in the barne I sold to Wm. Wakefield for £35 & receaved Mr. Ashton's of Bamferlonds tithes of corne to myself, for wch he agrees to pay me yearly during 5 yeares £5 yearly, so as I made of Abram corne this year ... 40 0 0


Wheat 32 thrave

Barly 330 thrave

Otes 393 thrave

beanes 6 thrave

Itm. for tith corne of Billinge & Winstanley wch I sold to Wm. Wakefield, John Cowly, Wm. Pennington, Thomas Barton & Humfrey Edleston, &c. for £104: & reserving to myself the straw of one barne worth 40s And also all the rye ther wch I took home to my house & spent it being worth £3 ... ... ... 109 0 0

Orrell corne Itm. for tith corne of Orrel this year being 5 thrave of wheat: 88 thrave of barly: