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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

demise, and paying me yearly upon St. Luke's day £16 10; wch he did for this present year pay me by his man 18o Octob: 1616 16 10 0
Ince corne Itm. for tith corne of Ince wch Mr. Gerard pleads to be his by p'scription paying me yearly £4 viz. at I receaved this year in money of him 4 0 0
Holland &
Itm. for tith corn of holland and dalton for wch Earle of Darby pleads prescription paying yearly at Annunciation 19 marks wch his officers tendred to me 24o March 1616, but I deferred till I should know whether I or Mrs. Massey had best right to it, so he owes me for it. But since it is pd 12 13 4
Abram corne Itm. for tith come of Abram wch I gathered in kind this year and being in the barne I sold to Wm. Wakefield for £35 & receaved Mr. Ashton's of Bamferlonds tithes of corne to myself, for wch he agrees to pay me yearly during 5 yeares £5 yearly, so as I made of Abram corne this year 40 0 0
Wheat 32 thrave
Barly 330 thrave
Otes 393 thrave
beanes 6 thrave
Itm. for tith corne of Billinge & Winstanley wch I sold to Wm. Wakefield, John Cowly, Wm. Pennington, Thomas Barton & Humfrey Edleston, &c. for £104: & reserving to myself the straw of one barne worth 40s And also all the rye ther wch I took home to my house & spent it being worth £3 109 0 0
Orrell corne Itm. for tith corne of Orrel this year being 5 thrave of wheat: 88 thrave of barly: