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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

John Hide o 6 Mr. Wrightington i 6 Rob: Bankes for Miles Barrow ... o 6 Hugh Scot for Patrich ... o 3 James Holinhed o 3 ThorKirkby ... ... ... o 3 sm pd 9» lod So the sum wci» Lawrence Prescot gathered for hay of water medow a® 1615 & w^^ he p<* to Gerard Johnson Dr. Massye's steward was 24* 5^ besides Mr. Ford owed for his hay. Peter Marsh debet for his hay. Robt Ford debet for his hay. Miles Baron debet, &c. Ralph Ford debet. Charles Lee debet. Uxor Rofet Martland, cum tnultis aliis. So Dr. Massy rec^ yearely for tith hay of Wigan a® 1613, 1614, 1615: above 30*. But I rec<l of none this year but only 3* of deafe Martland so those owe me for tith hay of Wigan water medowes 27*. Pcmberton hay Itm. for tith hay of water medowes in Pemberton a^ 1613, 1614, 1615 w^^'* Laurence Prescot usually gathered, amounting to 50*0^ half w<^^ he had it for his wages in Mr. Fleetwood's & Dr. Massye's tyme. But because he is not my servant I willed him not to gather it ; yet he had receaved of some befor I forbad