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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

John Hide   0 6
Mr. Wrightington   1 6
Rob: Bankes for Miles Barrow   0 6
Hugh Scot for Patrich   0 3
James Holinhed   0 3
Tho: Kirkby   0 3
sm̄ pd 9s 10d
So the sum wch Lawrence Prescot gathered for hay of water medow ao 1615 & wch he pd to Gerard Johnson Dr. Massye's steward was 24s 5d besides Mr. Ford owed for his hay.
Peter Marsh debet for his hay.
Robt Ford debet for his hay.
Miles Baron debet, &c.
Ralph Ford debet.
Charles Lee debet.
Uxor Roƀt Martland,
cum multis aliis.
So Dr. Massy recd yearely for tith hay of Wigan ao 1613, 1614, 1615: above 30s. But I recd of none this year but only 3s of deafe Martland so those owe me for tith hay of Wigan water medowes 27s.
Pemberton hay Itm. for tith hay of water medowes in Pemberton ao 1613, 1614, 1615 wch Laurence Prescot usually gathered, amounting to 50s 0d half wch he had it for his wages in Mr. Fleetwood's & Dr. Massye's tyme. But because he is not my servant I willed him not to gather it; yet he had receaved of some befor I forbad