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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

him, viz. he receaved this year (whereof I gave him back 20s):   s. d.
Imprimis of Mr. Downes   7 6
It. of Mrs. Worsley for her own med:   10 6
It. of Mr. Hindly   3 0
It. of Tho: Whaly not pd   0 9
It. of Mr. Tinsly not pd   0 9
It. of Gilbt Scot not pd these 10 year   1 4
It. of Mr. Sherington not pd   3 4
It. of Brian Marsh not pd   0 9
It. of Mr. Molinex of Haukly who pd nothing these x yeares yet wch he sent to me wch I rec. by Jo. Molinex   6 0
It. of Mrs. Worsly for crosse lands   3 0
It. of Wid. Walthew   0 6
It. of Humphry Winstanly not pd   2 3
It. of James Atherton not pd   0 9
It. of Mr. Rigby not pd   1 10½
It. of Cuthberd Heskin not pd   3
It. of Wid: Culcheth not pd   0 7
It. of George Birchall not pd   0 9
It. of James Green not pd   0 9
It. of Edw. Martland for Walthew pd   0 3
sm̄ for Pemb. hay 48s whereof Laurence Prescot pd me 20s wch I gave him back for his paynes in tithing Orrell corn this year: only Mr. Molinex pd to me 6s & Edward Martland pd me for Walthew 6d & 3d. So I rec. 6s 9d & Prescot 20s; the rest are behinde & doe owe for their hay.   s. d.
Abram hay Itm. for tith hay of Moseley medow in Abram being 9 Acres wch they plead prescription for; 18 acre, sm̄ not pd   13 6