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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

nag wth a star in forehead & further foot behind whit price £4 10s ... ... ... 23 15 0

Itm. bought a cart 7s: wheels £3: tresses &c. 16s ... 4 3 0

It. a Spanish sadle for myself 33s 4d: & for my men 4 sta ... livery sadles 53s 4d: & mending wife's sadle & covering 30s 5 16 8

Itm. bought books viz. Bifield[1] on Collossions 7s: Mason's[2] abridgmt of Martyrs 6s: Bidenbachius[3] 3 volumes 7s: Beard's[4] motives 3s: catechisms 2s: Josephus' works[5] 10s: Purchas' pilgrimage[6] 10s: Cooꝑ[7] on psalms 2s: Ormerod[8] 1s: tithing table 10d: Spanish story 18d Comforter[9] 8d: Meditations 8d: Osiandri[10] Enchiridion 3s: Vogelii[11] Epitome

  1. Most of these books are to be identified; but I am indebted to Mr. Chancellor Christie for the identification of some of the rarer ones. Byfield, Nicholas. "Exposition upon the Epistle of Colossians." Lond. 1615, fol.
  2. Mason, Thomas. "Christ's Victorie over Sathan's Tyrannie." Lond. 1615, fol. Chiefly extracted out of Fox's Book of Martyrs.
  3. Bidenbachius. Felix Bidembach, besides other works relating apparently to ecclesiastical law, published "Conciliorum Theologicorum Decades x." He died in 1612, having issued only eight decades, and his brother, John Maurice Bidembach, published the ninth decade in 1614.
  4. Beard, Thomas. Probably some work by him. He wrote "Theatre of God's judgments"; publ. in Lond. 1597.
  5. Josephus' works. Probably one of the folio editions of Thomas Lodge's translation of Josephus.
  6. Purchas, Samuel. "Purchas his Pilgrimage." Lond. 1613, small fol. (3rd ed. publ. in 1617).
  7. Cooper, Thomas. Successively bishop of Lincoln and Winchester. He wrote "A Briefe Exposition of such chapters of the Old Testament as usually are read in the Church at Common Prayer on Sundays." Lond. 1573. The book on "Psalms" may have been a portion of this Work.
  8. Ormerod, Oliver. Perhaps "The picture of a Puritaine; or a Relation of the Opinions, Qualities, and Practices of the Anabaptists in Germanie, and of the Puritaines in England." Lond. 1605, small 4to, a work replete with classical allusions.
  9. "The Comforter." This seems to be the book of which the title and author are given in Watt, as follows: "Freeman, John, sometime Minister in Lewes, Sussex. The Comforter; wherein are contained many reasons to assure the forgiveness of sinnes to the conscience that is troubled with the feeling thereof. Lond. 1591, 1600, 16mo."
  10. Osiander, Andrew. Probably some work by him. Several of his works were translated "out of hye Almayn into Englishe" by Miles Coverdale and others, 1537-48.
  11. Vogelius, Matthœus. Probably the Epitome of the Thesaurus Theologicus ex sola