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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

3s: Busæi Viridariū[1] 4s: Panarion[2] 5s: Bucer[3] 3s: Gomari disp: 3s: Faii[4] Enchirid. 6s: Martinii Analysis 14d et 18d: Goodwin[5] de Judaicis antiq. 2s: paper books 8s: Boyse[6] Works 12s: Dr Willet[7] on Rom. 10s: Thesaurus Ravenspergeri[8] 7s: Gostwick 1s: Alstedii[9] Oratio 1s: Margarita[10] 18d: other small books 10s 6 13 10
It. for my wife's picture drawing & my own 55s[11]:

  1. sacra Scriptura depromptus, of Matthew Vogel the elder, which was published about this time by his son, Matthew Vogel the younger.

  2. Busæus, Johannes. "Viridarium Christianorum virtutum ex. S. Scriptura et patribus collectum." Moguntia, 1610, 1612, 4to (Watt. Bib. Brit.).
  3. Panarion. Another work of Busæus. The title is given as follows by Draudius(Bibliotheca Classica, ed. of 1625, Libri Theologici, p. 153): "Joh. Busæi Panarion, hoc est, arca medica variis divinæ scriptura priscorumque Patrum Antidotis adversus animi morbos instructa. Mogunt. apud Joan. Albin. 1609. m. 4. & apud Hierat. Coloniensem, 1610. m. 4." (On p. 155 Draudius gives an edition of 1616).
  4. Bucer, Martin.
  5. Faius, A. (Antonie de la Faye.) Perhaps the "Propositions ... of divinitie propounded ... in the University of Geneva, by certaine students there, under ... T. Beza, and ... A. Faius, &c., wherein is contained a ... summarie ... of the common places of Divinitie, translated out of the Latine" [by John Penry], &c. Edinburgh, 1591, 4to. This, or the last part of it, may perhaps come under the definition of Enchiridion, a manual or handbook.
  6. Godwin, Thomas. "Moses and Aaron; or the Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites of the ancient Hebrews." This work was in great request as a text book, and passed through many editions; 12th ed., 1685 (Lowndes).
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  9. Ravensperger, Hermann. Probably the book given by Draudius as follows: "D. Hermann Ravenspergeri Hortus Theol. pro deponendo S. Tyrocinio, Amstelodami, apud Henr. Laurentium, in 4, 1616."
  10. Alstedius, John Henry. Probably some work by him. He wrote "The beloved city, or the Saints' reign on earth a thousand years," publ. in London, 1643, 4to.
  11. Margarita. Probably a copy of one of the numerous editions of the "Margarita Philosophica" of George Reisch, of which the latest noticed by Brunet was in 1583.
  12. These are probably the portraits of Dr. John Bridgeman and his wife Elizabeth Helyar, now in the Earl of Bradford's possession at Weston.