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History of the Church and Manor of Wigan.

It. the Lord Chanselors 5s: & Arch Bps 5s: & 7 Kings & queens of England 35s: & for Erasmus & Cromwell 8s: & frames & caryage 10s 5 18 0
It. for 23 smal maps framed at 2s the map 46s, & Venice 1s, Popes heads 1s, Kings of Englands heads 1s, Emperors 1s, & caryage 10s 2 0 0
It. bought a great chest to hold meal in £1, & tubb to brew & wash 25s, & hogsheds 20s, & a lead to brew wth at Wigan 53s 5 18 0
It. bought 2 daring canopyes price 2 0 0
It. a green sett rug of Mrs. Arnold 1 0 0
It. a payr of blankets 12s, & 8 yards cotton for another pr. 8s 1 0 0
It. A yellow stayned curteyns & valence printed 2 4 0
It. a new bedtike & bolster 26s, & 12 stone of fethers bought at Crowland wch wth caryage to London & hence to Wigan cost £6 7 6 0
It. 5 great gilt lether chayres at 8s the chayr, & 12 back stooles of gilt lether at 4s 8d the stool, & 10s in canvas to pack them in, & carryage from London to Wigan 20s 6 6 0
It. 6 green kirsy cushions 0 9 0
It. a litle green painted chayr 2s 8d: a lesse green matted chayr 16d: a timber chayr of Crosfield 6s: joyn stool 2s: a long new forme 4s: an old forme wth a rayl behind it 2s 0 18 0
It. A long table bord in the parlor 18s: another in the great chamber 20s: a little table in the green chamber 7s: a round table in kitchin chamber 6s 2 11 0
It. dressers in kitchin, larder, study, & gallery pd. to Crosfield 1 16 0
It. a standing bedsted wth trundle under it in garden chamber bought of Crosfield 46s: another standing bedsted wth a trundle in Bps chamber bought of Rigby 42s 4d: cords to them 2s 4d: curteyne