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Raffles, 1899; the Cango State, 1898; the Belgians at Waterloo; India in the XIX cenr. 1901: History of Belgium, 1902; Belgian Life, 1904; Life of Sir Halliday Macartney, K.C.M.G., 1908. Address: 12 Bloomsbury Square, W.E.

Boulnois, Charles, Bar-at-law b. .1832; son of late William Boulnois Educ: King’s Coll, London; LL.B. Lond. Univ., Advocate of the Calcutta Supreme Court. 1855; Prof. of Law, Calcutta Presidency Coll. 1858; First Judge, Calcutta Court of Small Causes; 1861: Officiating Secretary, Legislative Department, Government of Bengal, 1863; Officiating Deputy Secretary, Legislative Department, Government of India, 1861:: Judge of the Chief Court of the Punjab, 1866; Senior Judge, 1867-77; Reporter of Indian appeals in England for the authorised Indian Law Reports, 1879-1901; joint author of Notes on Punjab Customary Law, Lahore, 1876: Fellow of the Punjab University, 1882, Address: 2, Harcourt Buildings, Temple. E.B.

Bourne, Sir Alfred Gibbs, K.C.I.E. Cr. 1913; C.I.E. 1908, F.R.S., F.L.S., C.M.Z.S.; Director of Public Instruction, Madras, (on leave); Commissioner for Government Examination; Additional Member of the Council of Fort St. George; b. Lowestoft, 8 Aug. 1859; e.s. of Alfred Bourne, Secretary to the British and Foreign School Society; m. Emily Tree Glashier, 1888; one s, one d. Educ: University College, School; Royal School of Mines: University College, London. D.Sc. Lond.; Fellow of Univ. Coll. London; President of the Faculty of Arts in the University of Madras. Assistant to E. Hay Lankester, 1879-85: engaged in research at Zoological Station, Naples, 1883-85, appointed to Madras, 1885; Registrar of the Univ. of Madras, 1891 and 1899; Botanist to the Government of Madras, 1897-98; Member, Indian Universities Commission, 1902; Warden, Victoria Hostel, Madras, 1900-2; Prof. of Biology, the Presidency Coll., Madras, Indian Education Service, 1886-1903; Publications: Papers on the Anatomy of the Pelomyxa, Limnocodium Choetobranchus, Leeches, Earthworms, Rotifera, Pearly Nautilus, Scorpion Poison, etc., in Quart. Journ. Micro. Science, Proc. Royal Soc. etc. Recreations: mechanical manipulation, botanical field-work, motoring. Address: The Adyar, Madras; c/o Grindlay and Co. 54 Parliament Street. Club: Savile.

Boyson, Sir A. J., Director, Messrs, Binny & Co., Madras, .s. of late Mr. J. A. Boyson, Solicitor of the old Sadar Court and subsequently High Court, Madras; one of the oldest members of the European merchantile community of Madras; joined business and became Director of Messrs Binney & Co., one of the leading European firms in Madras; Has done much towards the industrial progress of the Presidency as a whole; Is generally known as the reconstructor of Messrs Binny & Co. Address: ‘Silverton’ Casawajor’s Road, Egmore, Madras India.

Brackenbury, Gen. Rt. Hon. Sir Henry: Born September 1, 1837: at Bolingbroke, Linconshire; educated at Eton and R.M.A., Whoolwich; Joined the Royal Artillery, 1856: in the Indian mutiny: served in Central India, 1857-8; Franco-German War, 1870-1 Ashanti war, 1873-4: Zulu war, 1879-80: Private Secretary