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the Sanskrit Collegiate School, the General Assembly’s Institution and the Calcutta Medical College; Additional Chemical Examiner since 1894; one of the Vice Presidents of the Indian Medical Congress, 1894; elected fellow of the chemical Society of Great Britain, 1894; Member of the Indigenous Drugs Committee, 1897; Fellow of the Calcutta University; Examiner in Arts and Medicine for the past 15 years. Publications: many works on chemistry. Address; 25 Mahendra Bose’s Lane, Calcutta.

Bose, Jagdish Chandra M.A. (Cantab), C.I.E. (1908) C.S.I, (1911) D.Sc. (Lond); Educated, Presidency College, Calcutta, and Christ’s College Cambridge, where he gained high honors in the Natural Science Tripas; conducted much research work in the realms of Chemistry and Electricity; his enquiries into “Hertzian Waves led” to the discovery of the principles of “Wireless Telgraphy”; invented an instrument for verifying the laws of refraction, reflection, and polarization of electric waves. Entered the Bengal Education Dept. 1883; has been a very distinguished Professor at the Presidency College; is a member of many European and American scientific societies; was invited to attend the International Scientific Congress in Paris where he was received with every mark of honor by the most famous scientists of the world, 1900; Invited by the Royal Institution of England to read a paper on his recent scientific discoveries. Publications: “Determination of Indices of Refraction”, “Electric Wares”, “The Response of Inorganic Matter to stimulus”, etc. Fellow of the Calcutta University. Address: Presidency College, Calcutta.

Bose Karuna Das, M.A., M.L., Rai Bahadur 1900; Retd., District and Sessions Judge: son of the late Rai Harischandra Bose; born, 1847; educated at the Dacca Collegiate School and the Calcutta Presidency College. Address: Bangala bazar, Decca, Bengal, and Mirzapur street, Calcutta.

Bose, Ram Gopal, Rai Bahadur 1889; Born, 1843, educated at Hooghly College; Entered service in the Fyzabad Cantonment Magistrate’s office, 1846; Head Accountant, Indore Residency, from which he retired in 1892. Address: 128, Ganesh Mohulla, Benares City.

Boughey, Col. George Fletcher Ottley, R.E; C.S.I., 1896; a Light Railway Commissioner; b. 1844; m. 1872, Harriet Rose Army, d. of late Lieut.-Col. W. Stuart Menteth. Entered R.E., 1862; Captain 1875; Col. 1895; served Bhutan Expedition 1865-66; Afghan War. 1878-80. Address: 60 Courtfield Gardens, S.W.; 54 Parliament Street, S.W.

Boulger, Demetrius Charles: Born. 1853; educated privately and at Kensington Grammar School has contributed to all the leading journals on questions relating to India, China, Egypt and Turkey since 1876: founded, in conjunction with Sir Lepel Griffin, the Asiatic Quarterly Review, 1885; and edited it up to 1890. hablications: Life of Yakub Beg of Kasghar, England and Russia in Central Asia, Central Asian Portraits, Armies of the Native States of India, Central Asian Questions, Lord William Bentinck, Story of India, in the Nineteenth Century, History of China, of which several editions have been published. Life of Gordon, Life of Sir Stamford