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Inam Ali.

of an Epitome of Hamilton’s Lectures on Psychology. Address: Lahore, India.

Imam, Hon. Syed Ali, Legal Member, Viceroy’s Council, Calcutta; s. of Syed Imdad Imamkhan, a reputed scholar and physician of Patna; b. at Neora near Patna, 1869; educ: Zilla school, Arrah, and the Patna College; proceed ed to England, joined the Middle Temple and was called to the Bar, 1890; returned to India and began practice at Calcutta and then removed to Bihar; was retained by the Crown in the famous Dumraon Raj adoption case at Arrah; was a Member of the District Board, and the Municipality of Patna for six years; Trustee of the A.M.O. College, Aligarh, 1903; President, Bihar Provincial Conference, 1908; Fellow, Calcutta University, 1909; President, All-India Muslim League Conference, Amritsar, 1909; suggested a system of mixed Eelectorates as a result of the compromise arrived at with the Hon. Mr. G. K. Gokhale; an ardent supporter of the Indian National Congress and was of great help to the Indian delegates who had proceeded to England in 1890; succeeded Sir. S. P. Sinha as Legal Member of the Viceroy’s Council, 1910. Address: Delhi; Calcutta; and Patna, India.

Imdad Imam Khan Syed, Shama-ul-Ulema; father of the Hon: Syed Ali Imam, and Syed Hasan Imam; b, 1849; educated in Persian, Arabic, and English; a reputed medical practitioner at Patna; known to supply food and medicine to needy and poor patients; a poet, scholar, and a good writer on literary, scientific and agricultural subjects; one of his treatises on philosophy, ‘Mirat-ul-Hakama’, has received the approbation of the late King Oscar of Sweden; Shamsul Ulema, 1889, Address: Patna, Bengal, India.

Impey, Lt Col. Lawrence, C.I,E. (1911), Offg. Resident, Baroda State; b, 1862; s. of Col. E. C. Impey, C.I.E.; educ: Marlborough, and Sandhurst; joined British Army in Derbyshire as Lieutenant, 1883; transferred to Indian Army, 1885; employed in the Political Department of the Government of India, 1887; was Political Agent in Alwar, Bhopal, etc. Recreations: riding; golf, and bridge. Address: Baroda, India. Club: East India United Service.

Inchcape, James Lyle Mackay, 1st Baron (1911); G.C.M.G. (1902), K.C.S.I. (1910), K.C.I.E. (1894) C.I.E. (1891); s. of James Mackay of Arbroath; b. 1852; Partner in the firm of Mackennon Mackenzie and Co., merchants of Calcutta and Bombay; President Bengal Chamber of Commerce; Member, Port Commission; Member, Governor-General’s Legislative Council, 1891-1893; Sheriff of Calcutta, 1892; member of the Council of India, 1897-1911; Special Commisioner to negotiate a new Commerial treaty with China, 1901; member of the Committee to inquire into Consular Service of Great Britain, and a member of the Committee to inquire into the working of the Board of Trade and Local Government Boards, 1903; Member, Committee on National Insurance of Shipping during War, 1906; represented Secretary of State for India during Colonial Conference, 1907; Director of Suez Canal Co.; British India Steam Navigation Co; and National Provincial Bank; m. the daughter of Jamesshanks, of Rosery, 1883; Heir and s. Hon’ble Kenneth.