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grades of the service and was posted as Commissioner, Burma-China Boundary, 1897; appointed Chief Judge of the Chief Court, Burma, 1900; Lieut.-Governor, Burma, 1905-1910; reduced the amount of the annual tributes from the Shan Chiefs and promoted education among them; carried out certain Railway Extensions in the Shan States; m. Fannie Sophia, d. of Captain William Hawes, I.N., 1877; retired, 1910. Address: 31, Argyll Road, Kensington, W. Club: East India United Service.

White, John Claude, C.I.E. (1904), Indian Army (retired); s. of Dr. John White, I.M.S.; b. 1853; educ: Rugby, Bonn and Cooper’s Hill; entered the Bengal P.W.D., 1876; Political Officer, Sikkim, 1889; Executive Engineer, 1890; Commissioner, Tibet Mission, 1903-04; Political Agent for Sikhim Bhutan, and Tibetan Affairs, 1905-08; m. Nina; d. of Lieut.-Col. G. Rankin. Publications: Sikhim and Bhutan, Experience of Twenty Years on the N.E. frontier of India. Address: The Cottage Newland, Coleford, Gloucestershire; 65, Redcliffe Gardens, S.W.

White, William Henry, C.S.I. (1907), P.W.D. India (retired); s. of late Thomas White,; b. 1851; entered the P.W.D., Bombay, 1873; Assistant Engineer, 1875; Executive Engineer, 1882; Superintending Engineer, 1900; Joint Secretary to Government, 1903; Secretary and Chief Engineer, 1903; Additional Member, Legislative Council, Bombay; m. Alice Wilford Beadle, d. of A. S. Buckley, 1910. Address: Bombay, Club: East India United Service, Byculla, Bombay.

Whitehead, Right, Rev. Henry (See Madras, Bishop of.)

Whitworth, George Clifford, I.C.S., b. Great Budworth, Cheshire, 1846; entered the Indian Civil Service as Assistant Collector, 1869; Judge, Bombay High Court. 1897; Additional Member, Imperial Legislative Council, 1902-1903; retired, 1905. Publications: Theory of Relevancy for the purpose of Judicial Evidence, Anglo-Indian Dictionary, Rajkumar Law Lectures, Letters to Magistrates.

Wigram, Herbert, M.A., I.C.S., District and Sessions Judge, Madras, (retired); entered I.C.S.,1863; student at the College, 1863; Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Madras, 1865; acting District Registrar of Assurances, Chingleput, 1865; acting Registrar, High Court, 1867; acting Under Secretary to Government (Revenue Department), 1869; acting Registrar, High Court, 1869; Senior assistant to the Collector, Magistrate and Agent in Ganjam; acting Registrar, High Court, 1871; confirmed, 1873; acting District and Sessions Judge, South Malabar, 1875; confirmed, 1882; District Judge, Coimbatore, 1883; Additional Sessions Judge, Salem, 1882; retired, 1884. Publications: Malabar Law and Custom, 1882; (revised and enlarged by the late Mr. Justice Lewis Moore, I.C.S.; Digest of Cases decided in the Madras High Court, Vols. I to VIII.

Williams, Lieut-Colonel C. E., D.P.H., D.T.M., Sanitary Commissioner, Burma, since 1913; b. 1865; first appointed to the Army, 1893; transferred to Civil De-