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partment, 1903; Address: Rangoon, Burma.

Williams, Right Rev. Arthur Achieson, D.D., See Tinnevelly and Madura, Bishop of.)

Williamson, Colonel John Francis, C.M.G. (1900), C.B. (1904). M.B., L.Ch., R.A.M.C. (retired), Principal Medical Officer; s. of late Rev. A. Williamson; b. 1851; educ: Trinity College, Dublin; entered Army, 1877; served in Afghan War, 1878-79; Egyptian Expedition, 1882, Burma Expedition, 1887-88; N.W. Frontier, India, 1897-98; South Africa, 1900-03; Somaliland Field Force, 1903-04, Principal Medical Officer, 5th Division Southern Army, India, 1904-08; Honorary Surgeon to Viceroy of India; retired, 1908. Address: 5, Victoria Park, Dover.

Willingdon, 1st Baron of Ratton, (1910), His Excellency the Right Hon’ble Freeman Freeman-Thomas, G.C.I.E., Governor of Bombay, since 1913; o.s. of Frederick Freeman-Thomas of Ratson, b. at Eton, 1886; educ: at Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge; Major, Sussex. Imperial Yeomanry for 15 years; A.D.C. to Governor of Victoria, 1895-98; M.P.(L) Hastings, 1900-06; Junior Lord of the Treasury, 1905-12 : M.P.(L) Burdwan Division of Cornwal, 1900-10; Lord-in-Waiting to H.M. the King-Emperor; appointed Governor of Bombay and took his seat, 5th April 1913; m. Lady Mary Adelaide, d. of 1st Earl of Brassey, 1833; Heir: s. Hon’ble Gerard Frederick Freeman Thomas; b. 1893. Address: Government House, Bombay. Clubs: Bachelors’, Broker’s.

Willis, Colonel Charles Fancourt, M.D, M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., C.B. (1911), I.M.S.; s. of late Charles Willis; b. 1854; educ: King’s College School, Dieppe College, and Durham University; joined the Army, 1879; served in Egyptian Campaign, 1882; N.W. Frontier, India, 1897-98; Tirrah Expedition, 1897-08; became Colonel, 1908; Principal Medical Oficer, 5th Division, S. Army, India, and Honorary Surgeon to Viceroy, India. Address: Firth Manor, East Grinstead.

Willoughby, Lieut.-General Michael Weekes, C.S.I.. (1885); Indian Army; s. of Major-General M. F. Willoughby; b. 1833; educ: Cheltenham College; entered Army, 1849; Captain, Bombay Army, 1851; served in the Persian Expedition, 1856-57; Abyssinian Expedition, 1867-68; Secretary to Government of Bombay, Military and Marine Departments, 1881-87; Lieut.-General, 1893; m. Louisa Frances, d. of Robert Anderson, 1855. Address: 17, Lansdown Place, Cheltenham. Club: Junior United Service.

Wilmot (See Eardly-Wilmot.)

Wilson, Charles Henry, C.I.E., (1903); b. 1858; M.L.C., Bombay; Manager, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bombay; formerly M.L.C., Burma; Chairman, Rangoon Chamber of Commerce; Member, Municipal Committee, Rangoon; m. Laura N. Smith, 1899. Address: Bombay.

Wilson, Frederick James, C.I.E. (1910), A.M.I.C.E., Chief Engineer. Madras (retired); s. of late William Wilson of Pilton,