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the outrage had taken place; and a German jurist wrote in the end of the eighteenth century, a minute and extremely solid treatise on the remedy that a woman has against a man who kisses her against her will (Von dem Rechte des Frauenzimmers gegen eine Mannperson, die es wider seinen Willen küsset). The author begins by classifying kisses; he distinguishes between lawful and unlawful kisses, and frames the following classification:—

Kisses are either


A. As spiritual kisses.
B. As kisses of reconciliation and kisses of peace.
C. As customary kisses; partly,
a. By way of salutation.
1. At meeting.
2. On arrival.
3. At departure; partly,
b. As mark of courtesy.
c. In jest.
D. As kisses of respect.
E. As kisses on festive occasions.
F. As kisses of love:

α. Between married people.