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to a temporary gallery over the door of the church, and there sang the first four verses. After each of the first three, the rest of the choir kneeling below sang the first stanza as a refrain. At the end of the fourth stanza the boys began the refrain, and the rest of the choir stood and sang it with them. At Hereford seven choir-boys went to the summit of the city gates and sang it. It was sung at the gates at Tours and Rouen.

Hymn 8(51. When, His salvation bringing. JOHN KING (1789-1858).

Incumbent of Christ Church, Hull. He wrote this in 1830 for The Psalmist, by Revs. Henry and John G\vyther. It had a refrain after each verse

Ilosannah to Jesus, their theme.

Ilosannah to Jesus, we ll sing.

Ilosannah to Jesus, our King.

The Psalmist contains one psalm and four hymns by Mr. King. He published several sermons and other works.

Hyitin 8(52. Children of Jerusalem. Jonx HENI.KV.

For Palm Sunday, in John Curwen s Hymns and Chants, 1844.

Mr. Henley was born at Torquay in 1800, entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1824, and died at Weymouth, 1842. He said to a friend, I never expected this. I expected to die in peace, but I cannot describe the joy which I feel. 1 am very happy. I never felt my Saviour so precious ; I never loved Him so much. I am full of Christ, full of glory.

Mr. Horder describes this as a hymn singularly crisp and effective, and greatly liked by children.

Hymn 803. Once in royal David s city. CECIL F. ALEXANDER (182).

Published in her Hymns for Little Children^ and based on the words of the Creed, Who was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary.

Edition after edition of her volume was called for. It rivalled in popularity Dr. Watts s Divine and Moral Songs,

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