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and Jane and Ann Taylor s Hymns for Infant Minds. Dr. Gauntlett set the verses to music ; an illustrated edition was printed, and the little book, like Keble s Christian Year, stood alone among volumes of original hymns in this country as having gained the honour of a hundredth edition. This hymn ranks next in popularity to her There is a green hill far away. Never has the gospel story been told to children more attractively than in " Once in royal David s city" and There is a green hill far away."

Hymn 864. O little town of Bethlehem. PHILLIPS BROOKS, D.D.

Written at Bethlehem on Christmas Day, 1866.

Phillips Brooks was born at Boston, U.S.A., in 1835 > studied at Harvard, became Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, 1859; Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Massa chusetts, 1891. He died in 1893. He takes rank as one of the most eloquent, large-hearted, and lovable men America has produced. The inspiring thought of his life was the fatherhood of God and the childhood of every man to Him. Posterity will never see his princely form towering six feet and a half in height ; and his majestic face, combining the thoughtfulness and fire of Webster with the sweetness of Fe"nelon or Fletcher ; and his massive frame, impressing one at first as a giant, yet so filled with light and life that he seemed as radiant as an angel.

Hymn 865. Jesus, when He left the sky.

MARY RUMSEY. \Yritten about 1850. No facts can be found about Mrs. Rumsey.

Hymn 866. I think, when I read that sweet story of old.


Miss Thompson was born at Colebrooke Row, Islington, in 1813, and married the Rev. Samuel Luke, a Congregational minister, in 1843. She wrote for the Juvenile Magazine at the age of thirteen, and published several works. Miss

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