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185. Con meraviglia... Varchi's comedy was La Suocera. 9-12. Gello = Giovanni Battista Gelli; his comedy, L'Errore, was a plagiarism of Machiavelli's Clizia, itself an imitation of Plautus.

Della Casa (page 247). Born at Florence, studied at Bologna. Lived in Rome, where he was a member of the Accademia Vignaiuoli, and at Florence, where he belonged to the A. Fiorentina. Archbishop of Benivento; Papal Nuncio to Venice. Died in Rome. Wrote Rime, Bernesque Capitoli, a life of Bembo, and the famous treatise on courtliness called Il Galateo. [Opere, Venezia, 1728.]

Di Costanzo (page 249). Born at Naples. A friend of Sannazaro.

Caro (page 250). Born at Civitanova (s. of Ancona). Came to Florence; secretary to Giovanni Gaddi; became prior of Monte Granaro; first secretary to Pier Luigi Farnese in Rome. Travelled on missions, collected coins, and held various benefices. Wrote the Venite all'ombra in praise of the Valois in 1553. Died in Rome. Buried in San Lorenzo in Damaso. Translated Virgil (in hendecasyllabics). [Rime, Venezia, 1569.]

Rota (page 254). Born at Naples. [Rime, Napoli, 1726.]

Tansillo (page 254). Born at Venosa. Page to Don Pietro di Toledo. Captain of Justice at Gaeta. Died at Teano. Wrote an eclogue, and a poem, II Vendemmiatore, which shocked Pope Paul IV. [L'Egloga e i Poemetti di Luigi Tansillo, ed Flamini, Napoli, 1893.]

Stampa (page 255). Born at Padua. Lived at Venice; loved Collaltino dei Conti di Collalto, who apparently did not reciprocate her passion for him. [Rime, Firenze 1877.]