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Lge and Autumn (Poem)

.rabella Versus The Family (Story) Illustrated.

architecture of the Exposition Illustrated.

T. Shelley Sutton Kittie Skidmore Cowen

Ion Lewis

rt and the People Lindley Hosf )rd

Illustrated with photographs of paintings at the Lewis and Clark Exposition.

t Exhibit at the Fair, The — An Interview with Frank

Vincent Du Mond, Director of Fine Arts, Lewis and Clark Exposition Illustrated.

t the Gates of Mystery Illustrated.

aby In the Case, The (Story)

ack to the Streets

Illustrated by original drawings.

arbeau "s One News Item (Story)

ells of San Gabriel, The (Poem)

ig Bob and Diana (Story)

orderland, The Illustrated.

reaking in Dolly (Story) ictus (Story) .... ill of the West, The (Poem)

aptain Baldwin 's Air Ship Illustrated.

liris Heddleson; Coward (Story)

iristmas Lullaby, A (Poem) .

)lumbia Eiver Jetty, The Illustrated.

jlumbia Eiver Scenery (Photographs by Sarah H. Ladd and Maud Ainsworth) ......

Eleanor W. Macdonald

Hugh H. Herdman Arthur A. Greene

Byron E. Cooney E. B. Wall T. Shelley Sutton Arthur J. Burdick

E. Binney de Forest E. C. Pitzer Eleanor W. Macdonald Arno Dosch

T, Shelley Sutton Mabel Houghton Brown Kathryne Wilson

)ming Supremacy of the Pacific, The . . . Wolf Von Schierbrand

A series of papers on the development of the Pacific Coast.

. 111-221-383-

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556 331

553 509 455 227

350 565 483 335

344 573 479


Ida E. Albee Christobel Sobey Leiter Laurel Kelsay

msider the Lilies (Illustrated Poem) .

id's Birthday Party (Story)

mce at Beaver Creek, The (Story)

ivenport, Homer (Portrait)

Jcorative Sculpture at the Lewis and Clark Exposition Anabel P. McCann

?fense of the Eanch, The (Story)

inner With Senora ....

Giving recipes of famous Spanish dishes

scord (A Sketch) ....

scrimination of St. Joseph, The (Story)

T. L. Graham Laura Grover Smith

Emma Eoll Edwards Miriam Cruikshank

484-574 208 151 359

408 81 69


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