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Dream, A (Story) Vlasta Houdek 61

Driving the Iron Stallions Down to Drink . . . Frank Ira White 512

The second great era of transcontinental railroad building of the Pacific Coast.

Eden Postponed Christobel Sobey Leiter

Ethics of Emotion, The (Story) Byron E. Cooney

Events: A review of the most important activities of the month

44 368


Exhibits, The


First in Tara, The (Story)

First Western Athletic Championships, The Illustrated.

Fir Tree on Elliott Bay, The (Story)

Four Winds of Heaven, The (Poem) From the Heart of a Eose (Story) .

Gentleman Jim (Story) Illustrated.

Girl from Oregon, A (Story)

Glad Tidings on the Hackamore (Story) Illustrated by Murray Wade.

Goode, H. W., President of the Lewis and Clark Ex position (Portrait) ....

Grafters and Fakers

Illustrated by original drawings.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado, The (Views)

Grandmother Flint (Story) ....

Greatest Thing in the World, The (Story)

Hater of Matrimony, A (Story)

Haynes, War Correspondent (Story)

How the Pinto Ponies Got Their Spots (Story)

Humor ........

Henry E. Dosch

Alex Bruce

Herbert W. Kerrigan

Rose Simmons

H. H. Metcalf Elizabeth Vore

Charles Lorrimer

Henry Waldorf Francis Arthur A. Greene

Arthur A. Greene

M. M. Picken

A. Lawrence Gritchel

F. Eoney Weir

J. Gordon Smith

Bert Huffman


161 234


43; 44:


2.5 54


23 4f 4^ 2(

2-.. V

Hugh H. Herdman


Charles Erskine Scott Wood

Impressions .......

Eussia; The Whipping Post; Japanese Naval Victory; Interstate Protective Tariff; Charles B. Bellinger; Frenzied Finance; Oregon Land Frauds (100); Mutiny On the Eussian Battleship, Kuiaz Potemkin, and Eevolution at Odessa; Chinese Exclusion; Woman Suffrage; Tyranny of Majorities; Baseball; Anarchy (198); Admiral Jones a Pirate; The Press and the Odessa Mutiny; Eussian Patriots (298); Peace and Progress; Japanese Indemnity; Eussia's Need; Economic Opposition to War; Anarchy; Police; Is Ignorance Purity?; Eetreat- ing Freedom (399); Frenzied and Tainted Finance; John D. Eockefeller and Marshall Field; Three Things to Ponder; Selfishness and Unselfishness; Life Insurance and Assurance; De Profundis (498); Sheepskins; Good Eoads; Oregon Land Frauds (600).

In Defiance of Fate (Story) . . . . .. . E. P. Josenhaus

Indian Head (A Study in portraiture)

Into New Fields ..............

Irrigation in Southern California

It Passeth Undejstanding (Story) ....

Jake McLean (Drawing by Homer Davenport, previous- ly unpublished) .......

Juvenile Sceptic and the Policeman, The (Story) . Illustrated by E. Colburne.

Lafayette at La Grange (an old letter illustrated by an

William E. Smytho Elizabeth Lambert Wood

Ellie Mills Lee

old sketch)