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Land of Sunshine. The Illustrated.

ast Stump, The (Story) Illustrated.


G. H. Henry


iterature .....

3C0 (Story) R. C. Pitzer

uck of Jimmy Darrow, The (Story) ...... Dennis H. Stovall

adonita (Story) J. Smeaton Chase


atsu-No-Kata (Story) . Sinclair Lewis

ecca for Astronomers, A — Mt. Wilson Solar Obsevatory Frank G, Martin Illustrated.

editerranean of America, The John Muir

Illustrated by Views of Puge.t Sound.

issing Missile, The (Story) Frank M. Becknell

Momentous Struggle for the Mastery of the Pacific Harvey W. Scott Introductory article to the series by Wolfe Von Schierbrand, Ph. D Illustrated.

other Prays, The (Poem) Ella Higginson

rs. Farleigh the Second (Story)







y Gentleman Gardener (Story) . Illustrated.

ew Salton Sea, The

ez Perce Lullaby, A (Poem)

ielson, M. P., a New Sculptor on the Coast Illustrated.


Florence Martin Eastland A. W. Sarel

Frank G. Martin Winfred Chandler

560 589


258 3

593 270 545


562 598

Belle W. Cooke

Kate A. Hall

ating on Puget Sound, An .... Illustrated from drawings by Clyde Cooke.

linter of "Frivolous Girls," The— Henrietta Whit field Dunn .......

Illustrated by her own drawings.

eople — Places — Things (Illustrated) :

Waterfall; Five-Hundred-Dollar Gold Slipper; Squaw Carrying Watermelon; The Church of Our Lady; The Oldest House in the State of Washington; Ladies' Grill, Seattle; The Rainier Club (136); Tourmaline in California; a Barrack in a Los Angeles Pigeon Farm; A Dog-on Calf -lined Pumpkin; A California Live Oak; Meditation; Gallery of a Southern California Mission; Waterhole in Arizona (291); The Massive Santa Ana Bridge (396); Colonel Joe Meek; Gem Mining in California (494).

ersonal Narrative of Homer Davenport Illustrated by his famous cartoons.

Part I . '

Part II

103-201-303 186



The Effect of the Exposition; The Portage Road; Portland and Lumber; Min- ing; Irrigation (106); The Upbuilding of Alaska; The New Forest Reserve; Idaho Mines; Activity in Baker County, Oregon; Railroad Building; Panama Canal Purchasing Agency; The Klamath Project; State Funds for Irrigation; Pacific Coast Exports (204); The Western Pacific Railway; To Open Up Coos County; Oregon Railroad Projects; Lewiston Triumphant; A Trans-Isthmian

r Railway; The Northwest Breaking the Crop Record; Los Angeles' Drinking Water (304); Exposition a Financial Success; A Bumper Wheat Crop; Central Oregon Suffers; The Columbia Southern and Great Southern; The Canadian Fair (404); The Stock Show, Lewis and Clark Exposition, by Mrs. E. W. Bingham (503); Business Excursions; Progress of the North Bank Road (605).

409 517

•ophecy, A (Poem)

ush Button, The (Story)

Henry Clinton George George Whitford

112 153