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Question of Identity, A (Story) ....

Romance of a Cattle Ranch, A (Story)

Romance of the Little Old Maid, The (Story)

Rural 'Phone, The (Story)

Russia's Duplicity

Russia's Struggle for Freedom ....

Sacajawea (Poem) E. F. Eldridge


Santa Monica by the Sea .........

Illustrated. Seattle Realty ............


Florence M. Eastland T. Shelley Sutton Eva B. Pillsbury .Linda Jennings William H, Galvani William H. Galvani

Seattle the Queen City ......


Significance of the Lewis and Clark Exposition, The Illustrated.

Singing Kid, The (Story) ....

Situation in Panama, The .... Illustrated.

Siwash Hop Picker, The (Illustration)

Social Life of the Lewis and Clark Exposition Illustrated.

Daniel L. Pratt

Eva Emery Dye

Lute Pease

Hon. John Barrett

Laura Leonard

Annie Laura Miller T. Shelley Sutton

Song of the Western Winter Wren, The (Poem)

Spectre of the Sands, The (Story)

Stage, The (Illustrated):

Mrs. Fiske in "Leah Kleschna, " by Frank Branch Riley (285); Blanch Bates, in "The Girl of the Golden West"; Maxine Elliott; Florence Roberts; Minnie Tittle Brune; Lillian Lawrence (391); Lucia Moore; Dunstan Farnum; William Collier; Eleanor Robson; White Whittlesy (490); Madame Calve; Will R. Walling; George Bloomquest; Henrietta Grossman; Virginia Brissac; Alice Johnson (595).

Stalking Birds of Prey With a Camera (Illustrated)

Fourth paper on Bird Life by William Lovell Finley. Photographs by Her- man T. Bohlman.

Story of the Lewis and Clark Exposition, The . . John A. Morris

Story of Three Bumps, The (Story) .... Ben F. Morris

Strategy in Physic, A (Story) . . . . . Charles Ellis Newell

Tanaka the Coward (Story) J. Gordan Smith

Thing that Impressed Me Most at the Exposition, The Kathryne Wilson With illustrations of the Forestry Building.

To Lady Alice Courteney (Poem) David Starr Jordan

Through the Wonderland of Alaska Daniel L. Pratt


Triumph of "The Palouse," The ArnoDosch


United States Armored Cruiser, The Pennsylvania (Illustration) ....

Value of the Small Cottage, The Guy W. Wadsworth, D. D.


Venice in California ..........'...

Views (Editorial) William Bittle Wells

The political Situation in Oregon; The Moral of the Russian Defeat; The Seventh Year (95); Mistakes; An Encouraging Outlook (194); The Mission of Japan (297); Detectives; An Unexpected Result (403); The Ultimate Step (497).

Way He Took, The (Story) Ella Smith Kraal

When the War Eagle Throbbed (Story) . . . C. H. Honry

Yosemite Valley, The (Views from photographs repro- duced for the first time) ...........



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