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The Perfumed Garden

arrival he gave orders to admit her into the tent; she entered and remained alone with him. He engaged her in conversation.

While Mocailama spoke to her she lost all her presence of mind, and became embarrassed and confused.

When he saw her in that state he knew that she desired cohabitation, and he said: "Come, rise and let me have possession of you; this place has been prepared for that purpose. If you like you may lie on your back, or you can place yourself on all fours, or kneel as in prayer, with your brow touching the ground, and your crupper in the air, forming a tripod.[1] Whichever position you prefer, speak, and you shall be satisfied."

The prophetess answered, "I want it done in all ways. Let the revelation of God descend upon me, O Prophet of the Almighty."

He at once precipitated himself upon her, and enjoyed her as he liked. She then said to him, "When I am gone from here, ask my goum to give me to you in marriage."

When she left the tent and met her disciples, they said to her "What is the result of the conference, O

  1. To understand this passage properly it must be known that the Arabs, when praying, kneel on the ground with the face bent low down and the hands on the knees.

    The tripod is then formed by the two knees and the head touching the ground. It is easy to see that this position causes the posterior part of the body to project very much backwards. The way how to practice cohabitation thus is stated in the 69th manner, chapter vi. "Hoc mihi tradidit Deus: foemines Deus condidit rimosas, virosque iis dedit maritos, qui mentulas in psas immittunt; eas que deinde simul ac volunt retrahunt: quo (acto illae catulos nobis pariunt."