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in his latter days met with reverses of fortune. After winding up his business he remained inactive for some time; but a busy man all his' life, he began to chafe under the dull monotony of an idle home-life, and to keep himself engaged he took service as Head Assistant, under Remfry & Rogers, at one time a well-known firm of solicitors, but soon left it owing to the strong disapproval of the step by his sons. Of three children bom to him, Ram Sharma was the second, the first being a daughter who died young and the youngest, a son, Babu Bhakta Kissen Ghose who predeceased cur poet at the age of 53.

The wonderful faculty of Bengali grand-fathers for spoiling their grand-children, is well-known, and our poet fell under its spell. The old grand-father indulged him to an inordinate extent and soon our poet grc w up- a naughty and refractory child. Perhaps this early molly-coddling was, to some extent, responsible for the imperious temper of his after life which he successfully battled against as long as he lived. From early infancy he gave ample proof, of hi, great a, te l Iectual for although he id not hsp in ^ of hree, yet he grappled Mh ,h e vernacular alphabet at that age and before long mastered tl)c only vernacular tent-book fo, children a, the time. Much confinement than for education. But rvhat