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pain soon ended in pleasure. Tie lessons *4b fat conned with great reluctance soon became t a s, >u ce delight and he developed rnto an ap and Jen.. 01 all the diJeren, branches o hnowle^e he discovered a peculiar aptitude for English, ye , bis partiality * J* ^ ^ ^ ^ decided turn lor o( Engllsh . His notice ol Capta ’ ^ ages G f Pope interpretations of some of th ,, , r p ope werlso clever, that he was ^ fhe Jl by Mr. Kirkpatnek, anoth r Pro = ^ ^ When he was but srx yea. s oW heje^ ^ Christian (o ha Soul a . P ^ Ry0 „, at the Town Hall, preside Gained a prize. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a F ^ Babu Keshab Chandra Ganguly, well-knot nstheGarrickolBengal^ngU^.^^ career soon cause to - ^ from the Fourth he went up tor the nn u- ansWe r Standard which he passsd wrth great cred • «  papers were ol such high . excellence ^ ^ Secretary, Board ol E»rn.n»ta> h^ Mastership ol the Hotvrar c 00 , ^ ^ en( j s an d his extreme youth, he w» ^ vb ^ contributed well-wishers to decline.- Har/fora and the news-papers ol the time chtetly ■ « ' £ „ the Citizen, both in prose and verse, and