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encouraged by bis professors. The Captain had such a high opinion of his composition that he used to say, '“Nobin (he used , to call our poet by that name) would write like an Englishman”. One cannot help feeling a -sense of vain regret that the Professor died not live to witness the day of his pupil’s triumph when he won the

first prize for English verse on the occasion of the visit of

His Royal Highness Albert Edward, Prince of Wales in 1875.

After passing the final examination he studied Law 'for a time, but soon gave it up as uncongenial to his tastes. From now to the time he entered Government sendee, Fe devoted himse If assiduously ,h e cultivation Shakespeare, Mrlton and the test English Classics were hr. favourite study But learning j„ those , unremunerative and he had to seek out a career No career being considered more honourable than Government service a, the time, he on the information of a relation, applied in 1 853 for a vacant post in the PriV* D Military Auditor General Office m d?^“ Heitly Hollingterry, abends trsi Rnancial Department , of ,h e Government o( S’ While presenting the application in ^ liand a manuscript article which excited Mr H 11’ V applicant s power of composition when he h»A l ^ lf that he g ave the post worth R s 25 ^ a month, with