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17 MR. W. Noisome hags of night Imps of deadly shade Pallid ghosts, Arise in hosts, And lend me all your aid. Appear, appear, appear I FEMALE VOICES. Good master, we aro here ALEXIS. (Aside ) Hark, they assemble These fiends of the night 1 ALINE. (Aside.) Oh, Alexis, I tremble, Seek safety in flight I ARIA ALINE. Let us fly to a far off land Where peace and plenty dwell "Where the sigh of the silver strand Is echoed in every shell. To the joy that land will give, On the wings of love we'll fly; In innocence there to live In innocence there to die ! CHORUS OF SPIRITS. Too late too late It may not be I That happy fate Is not for thee I ALEXIS, ALINE and MR. WELLS. Too late too late, That may not be I That happy fate MR. WELLS. Now shrivelled hags, with poison bags, Discharge your loathsome loads ! Spit flame and fire, unholy choir ; Belch forth your venom, toads I Ye demons fell, with yelp and yell, Shed curses far afield Ye fiends of night, your filthy blight

In noisome plenty yield '