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Mr. Wells. (Pouring vial into tea pot—flash.}

Number One!

Chorus. It is done!

Mr. W. (Same business.) Number Two! (Flash.)

Chorus. One too few!

Mr. W. (Same business.) Number Three! (Flash.)

Chorus. Set us free! Set us free—our work is done! Ha! ha! ha! Set us free—our course is run! Ha! ha! ha!

Aline and Alexis. (Aside.)

Let us fly to a far off land,
Where peace and plenty dwell,
Where the sigh of the silver strand
Is echoed in every shell.

Chorus of Fiends.

Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Stage grows light. Mr. Wells beckons villagers from r. and l. Enter villagers and all the dramatis personæ, dancing joyously. Sir Marmaduke enters with Lady Sangazure from house r. and crosses to l. Vicar enters on a terrace from l. and down r., absorbed in thought. He is followed by Constance. Counsel enters on terrace from r., and down r., followed by Mrs. Partlet. Mrs. Partlet and Mr. Wells distribute tea cups.


Now to the banquet we press;
Now for the eggs, the ham,
Now for the mustard and cress,
Now for the strawberry jam!
Now for the tea of our host,
Now for the rollicking bun,
Now for the muffin and toast,
Now for the gay Sally Lunn!

Women. The eggs and the ham, and the strawberry jam!

Men. The rollicking bun, and the gay Sally Lunn!

The rollicking, rollicking bun!

Recit.—Sir Marmaduke.

Be happy all—the feast is spread before ye.
Fear nothing, but enjoy yourselves, I pray!
Eat, aye, and drink!—be merry, I implore ye,
For once let thoughtless folly rule the day!