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19 TEA^CUP BRINDISI. Eat, drink and bo gay, Banish all worry and sorrow, Laugh gayly to-day, Weep, if you're sorry, to-morrow ! Come, pass the cup round I will go bail for the liquor ; It's strong, I'll be bound, Jor it was brewed by the ricar ! CHORUS. None so knowing as he At brewing a jorum of tea, Ha! ha I A pretty stiff jorum of tea. TRIO MR. WELLS, ALINE and ALEXIS. (Aside L.) See see they drink All thought unheeding, The tea cups clink, They are exceeding ! Their hearts will inelt In half an hour Then will be felt The potion's power ! (During this verse CONSTANCE has brought a small teapot, kettle, caddy and cosy to DR. DALY. He makes tea scientifically.) BRINDISI, 2d Verse DR. DALY. (With the tea pot.) Pain, trouble and care, Misery, heartache and worry, Quick, out of your lair ! G-et you all gone in a hurry ! Toil, sorrow and plot Fly away quicker and quicker Three spoons to the pot That is the brew of your vicar! None so cunning as he At brewing a jorum of tea, . Hal ha! A pretty stiff jorum of tea! (MR. DALY places tea pot on tray held by CONSTANCE. He covers it with the

cosy. She takes tray into the house, R.)