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French Intervention 348–356
A foreign squadron, 348—The pretext and the cause, 348—Spain and England withdraw, 349—The policy of Napoleon III., 349—A proposed empire, 349—Maximilian, 350; dreams of "the right divine," 352—The French troops advance on the capital, 353—Divisions in Mexico 353—The Cinco de Mayo, 354—A bold attack, 355—Defence of Puebla, 356.
The Empire under Protection 357–364
The sovereigns arrive, 357—The imperialist party, 357—Reception of Maximilian, 358—Relics of royalty, 359—Military affairs, 360—The new government, 362—Chapultepec restored, 363—Society at the capital, 363—Apparent prosperity, 364.
The Unprotected Empire 365–372
Action of the United States, 365—Responsibility for the intervention, 366—The final word of Napoleon, 367—Carlotta goes to Europe, 368—Her interview with Napoleon, 369—Maximilian leaves the capital, 370—At Orizaba, 371—Father Fischer, 371—The Emperor's manifesto, 372.
Maximilian 373–382
The French army withdrawn, 373—Advance of Juarez, 374—The Emperor and his attendants, 374—Investment of Querétaro, 375—Márquez and Diaz, 375—Personal appearance of the Emperor, 376—The treachery of Lopez, 377—Maximilian a prisoner, 378; his death, 380.
End of the Episode 383–385
General Vidaurri, 383—The escape of Márquez, 384—General Diaz, 384—Puebla, 385—Vigor of the liberal government, 385.