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The Last of Santa Anna 386–391
Juarez enters the capital, 386—Peace established, 387—Santa Anna in retirement, 387; his exile and death, 388—Character of Juarez, 389—Civil war again, 390—Death of Juarez, 390—Lerdo becomes President, 391.
Porfirio Diaz 392–401
A new "Plan," 392—Birthplace of Diaz, 392—Scenery of Oaxaca, 393—The Zapotecas, 393—Ruins of Mitla, 394—Early life of Diaz, 394; his military achievements, 395—An escape from hostile troops, 396—Triumph of the opposition, 396—Diaz proclaimed President, 397—Presidency of Gonsalez, 398—Policy of Diaz, 399—Chapultepec at the present day, 399—Hope for the Indian, 400—Prospects of development, 401.
Physical Advantages 402–411
Climate and vegetation, 402—Mexican flora, 403—The market-place, 404—A family group, 404—Native pottery, 405—The cargador, 405—Wearing apparel, 406—Serape and rebozo, 406, 407—The cotton industry, 408—The source of Mexican wealth, 409.
Future 412–419
Influence of the Catholic Fathers, 412—Extinction of monasteries, 412—The parish priest, 413—The Mozarabic liturgy, 413—A missionary field, 414—The policy of the government, 414—Schools, 415—Literature in modern Mexico, 416—The Mexican-Spaniard, 417—Railways, 418—Brighter days to come, 419.
Index 421