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A Mainsail Haul

Cloth, 12mo, $1.25. Leather, $1.75

As a sailor before the mast Masefield has traveled the world over. Many of the tales in this volume are his own experiences written with the same dramatic fidelity displayed in "Dauber."

Multitude and Solitude


"This is material of the best kind for a story of adventure, and Mr. Masefield uses it to the best advantage. He has the gift of direct and simple narrative, and it need hardly be said that he knows the human heart."—Argonaut.

Captain Margaret

Cloth, $1.50

"Worthy to rank high among books of its class. The story has quality, charm, and spirited narrative."—Outlook.

Lost Endeavour


A stirring story of adventure, dealing with pirates and buccaneers, and life on the seas in a day when an ocean trip was beset with all kinds of dangers and excitements. Those who have enjoyed "Captain Margaret" and "Multitude and Solitude" will find this tale equally exhilarating.



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