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The Everlasting Mercy and The Widow in the Bye Street

(Awarded the Royal Society of Literature's prize of $500)

New and revised edition, $1.25. Leather, $1.75

"Mr. Masefield comes like a Sash of light across contemporary English poetry. The improbable has been accomplished; he has made poetry out of the very material that has refused to yield it for almost a score of years."—Boston Evening Transcript.

"A vigour and sincerity rare in modern English literature."—The Independent.

Philip the King, and Other Poems

Cloth, 12mo, $1.25. Leather, $1.75

"Mr. Masefield has never done anything better than these poems."—Argonaut.

Lollingdon Downs and Other Poems


A new book of poems by Mr. Masefield, containing his most recent work in verse. The same beauty of expression and impression which pervaded his earlier poetry will be found in the pages of "Lollingdon Downs and Other Poems." These latest of Mr. Masefield's poems are issued in a limited edition.

The Daffodil Fields

Cloth, 12mo, $1.25. Leather, $1.75

"Neither in the design nor in the telling did or could 'Enoch Arden' come near the artistic truth of 'The Daffodil Fields.'"—Sir Quiller-Couch, Cambridge University.

Salt Water Poems and Ballads

Illustrated, $2.00

"The salt of the sea is in these jingles not the mystic sea of the older poets who had an art, but the hard sea that men fight, even in these days of leviathan liners, in stout-timbered hulls with blocks to rattle and hemp for the gale to whistle through and give the salt-lipped chantey man his rugged meters."—New York Sun.



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