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for a day or two in brine and then dried ; one pint grated horse-radish, one of black mustard seed and one of white mustard seed; bruise all the spices and mix with a teacup of pure olive oil ; to each mango add one teaspoonf ul of brown sugar ; cut one solid head of cabbage fine ; add one pint of small onions, a few small cucumbers and green toma- toes ; lay them in brine a day and a night, then drain them well and add the imperfect mangoes chopped fine and the spices; mix thor- oughly, stuff the mangoes and tie them ; put them in a stone jar and pour over them the best cider vinegar ; set them in a bright, dry place until they are canned. In a month add three pounds of brown sugar r if this is not sufficient, add more until agreeable to taste. This is for four dozen mangoes.


THIS is a French recipe and is the most excellent of all the high- flavored condiments ; it is made by sun-drying thirty old, full grown cucumbers, which have first been pared and split, had the seeds taken out, been salted and let stand twenty-four hours. The sun should be permitted to dry, not simply drain them. When they are moderately dry, wash them with vinegar and place them in layers in a jar, alter- nating them with a layer of horse-radish, mustard seed, garlic and onions for each layer of cucumbers. Boil in one quart of vinegar, one ounce of race ginger, half an ounce of allspice and the same of turmeric ; when cool pour this over the cucumbers, tie up tightly and set away. This pickle requires several months to mature it, but is delicious when old, keeps admirably, and only a little is needed as a reluh.


ONE gallon of oysters ; wash them well in their own liquor ; care- fully clear away the particles of shell, then put them into a kettle, strain the liquor over them, add salt to your taste, let them just come to the boiling point, or until the edges curl up; then skim them out and lay in a dish to cool ; put a sprig of mace and a little cold pepper and allow the liquor to boil some time, skimming it now and then so long as any skum rises. Pour it into a pan and let it cool. When perfectly cool, add a half pint of strong vinegar, place the oysters in a jar and pour the liquor over them.

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