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enough to make a very stiff dough, as stiff as can be rolled out ; pounded and kneaded a long time. Roll very thin like pie crust and cut out either round or square. Bake a light brown.

Stale crackers are made crisp and better by placing them in the oven a few moments before they are needed for the table.


Six eggs, twelve tablespoonfuls of sweet milk, six tablespoonfuls of butter, half a teaspoonf ul of soda ; mold with flour, pounding and working half an hour ; roll it thin. Bake with rather quick fire.


PUT two quarts of water into a clean dinner-pot or stew-pan, cover it and let it become boiling hot over the fire ; then add a table- spoonful of salt, take off the light scum from the top, have sweet, fresh yellow or white corn meal ; take a handful of the meal with the left hand and a pudding-stick in the right, then with the stick, stir the water around and by degrees let fall the meal ; when one handful is ex- hausted, refill it ; continue to stir and add meal until it is as thick as you can stir easily, or until the stick will stand in it; stir it awhile longer; let the fire be gentle; when it is sufficiently cooked, which will be in half an hour, it will bubble or puff up ; turn it into a deep basin. This is eaten cold or hot, with milk or with butter and syrup or sugar, or with meat and gravy, the same as potatoes or rice.


MAKE it like the above recipe, turn it into bread tins and when cold slice it, dip each piece in flour and fry it in lard and butter mixed in the frying pan, turning to brown well both sides. Must be served hot.


SIFT Graham meal slowly into boiling salted water, stirring briskly until thick as can be stirred with one hand ; serve with milk or cream and sugar, or butter and syrup. It will be improved by removing from the kettle to a pan, as soon as thoroughly mixed, and steaming three or four hours. It may also be eaten cold, or sliced and fried, like corn meal mush.

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