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sure to have the under crust lap over the upper, and pinch it well, as the syrup will cook all out if care is not taken when finishing the edge of crust. This quantity makes one medium-sized pie.


GRATE the rind of one and use the juice of two large oranges. Stir together a large cupful of sugar and a heaping tablespoonf ul of flour ; add to this the well-beaten yolks of three eggs, two tablespoonf uls of melted butter. Reserve the whites for frosting. Turn this into a pie-pan lined with pie paste and bake in a quick oven. When done so as to resemble a finely baked custard, spread on the top of it the beaten whites, which must be sweetened with two tablespoonf uls of sugar; spread evenly and return to the oven and brown slightly.

The addition of the juice of half a lemon improves it, if convenient

to have it.


BEAT up the yolks of three eggs to a cream. Stir thoroughly a tablespoonf ul of sifted flour into three tablespoonf uls of sugar ; this separates the particles of flour so that there will be no lumps ; then add it to the beaten yolks, put in a pinch of salt, a teaspoonful of va- nilla and a little grated nutmeg; next the well-beaten whites of the eggs ; and, lastly, a pint of scalded milk (not boiled) which has been cooled ; mix this in by degrees and turn all into a deep pie-pan lined with puff paste, and bake from twenty-five to thirty minutes.

I received this recipe from a celebrated cook in one of our best New York bakeries. I inquired of him "why it was that their custard pies had that look of solidity and smoothness that our home-made pies have not.' 7 He replied, "The secret is the addition of this bit of flour not that it thickens the custard any to speak of, but prevents the custard from breaking or wheying and gives that smooth appearance when



POUR a pint of cream upon one and a half cupfuls of sugar; let it stand until the whites of three eggs have been beaten to a stiff froth ; add this to the cream and beat up thoroughly; grate a little nutmeg over the mixture and bake without an upper crust. If a tablespoon- ful of sifted flour is added to it, as the above Custard Pie recipe, it would improve it.

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