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Oct. 1. Leave Prevesa, arrive Salakhora (Salagoura).
Oct. 3. Leave Salakhora, arrive Arta.
Oct. 4. Leave Arta, arrive han St. Demetre (H. Dhimittrios).
Oct. 5. Arrive Janina. (Stanza xlvii. Letter 131.)
Oct. 8. Ride into the country. First day of Ramazan.
Oct. 11. Leave Janina, arrive Zitza ("Lines written during a Thunderstorm"). (Stanzas xlviii.-li. Letter 131.)
Oct. 13. Leave Zitza, arrive Mossiani (Móseri).
Oct. 14. Leave Mossiani, arrive Delvinaki (Dhelvinaki). (Stanza liv.)
Oct. 15. Leave Delvinaki, arrive Libokhovo.
Oct. 17. Leave Libokhovo, arrive Cesarades (Kestourataes).
Oct. 18. Leave Cesarades, arrive Ereeneed (Irindi).
Oct. 19. Leave Ereeneed, arrive Tepeleni. (Stanzas lv.-lxi.)
Oct. 20. Reception by Ali Pacha. (Stanzas lxii.-lxiv.)
Oct. 23. Leave Tepeleni, arrive Locavo (Lacovon).
Oct. 24. Leave Locavo, arrive Delvinaki.
Oct. 25. Leave Delvinaki, arrive Zitza.
Oct. 26. Leave Zitza, arrive Janina.
Oct. 31. Byron begins the First Canto of Childe Harold.
Nov. 3. Leave Janina, arrive han St. Demetre.
Nov. 4. Leave han St. Demetre, arrive Arta.
Nov. 5. Leave Arta, arrive Salakhora.
Nov. 7. Leave Salakhora, arrive Prevesa.
Nov. 8. Sail from Prevesa, anchor off mainland near Parga. (Stanzas lxvii., lxviii.)
Nov. 9. Leave Parga, and, returning by land, arrive Volondorako (Valanidórakhon). (Stanza lxix.)
Nov. 10. Leave Volondorako, arrive Castrosikia (Kastrosykia).
Nov. 11. Leave Castrosikia, arrive Prevesa.
Nov. 13. Sail from Prevesa, anchor off Vonitsa.
Nov. 14. Sail from Vonitsa, arrive Lutraki (Loutráki). (Stanzas lxx., lxxii., Song "Tambourgi, Tambourgi;" stanza written in passing the Ambracian Gulph. Letter 131.)
Nov. 15. Leave Lutraki, arrive Katúna.
Nov. 16. Leave Katúna, arrive Makalá (? Machalas).