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Nov. 18. Leave Makalá, arrive Guriá.
Nov. 19. Leave Guriá, arrive Ætolikon.
Nov. 20. Leave Ætolikon, arrive Mesolonghi.
Nov. 23. Sail from Mesolonghi, arrive Patras.
Dec. 4. Leave Patras, sleep at Han on shore.
Dec. 5. Leave Han, arrive Vostitsa (Œgion).
Dec. 14. Sail from Vostitsa, arrive Larnáki (? Itea).
Dec. 15. Leave Larnáki (? Itea), arrive Chrysó.
Dec. 16. Visit Delphi, the Pythian Cave, and stream of Castaly. (Canto I. stanza i.)
Dec. 17. Leave Chrysó, arrive Arakhova (Rhakova).
Dec. 18. Leave Arakhova, arrive Livadia (Livadhia).
Dec. 21. Leave Livadia, arrive Mazee (Mazi).
Dec. 22. Leave Mazee, arrive Thebes.
Dec. 24. Leave Thebes, arrive Skurta.
Dec. 25. Leave Skurta, pass Phyle, arrive Athens. (Stanzas i.-xv., stanza lxxiv.)
Dec. 30. Byron finishes the First Canto of Childe Harold.
Jan. 13. Visit Eleusis.
Jan. 16. Visit Mendeli (Pentelicus). (Stanza lxxxvii.)
Jan. 18. Walk round the peninsula of Munychia.
Jan. 19. Leave Athens, arrive Vari.
Jan. 20. Leave Vari, arrive Keratéa.
Jan. 23. Visit temple of Athene at Sunium. (Stanza lxxxvi.)
Jan. 24. Leave Keratéa, arrive plain of Marathon.
Jan. 25. Visit plain of Marathon. (Stanzas lxxxix., xc.)
Jan. 26. Leave Marathon, arrive Athens.
Mar. 5. Leave Athens, embark on board the Pylades (Letter 136.)
Mar. 7. Arrive Smyrna. (Letters 132, 133.)
Mar. 13. Leave Smyrna, sleep at Han, near the river Halesus.
Mar. 14. Leave Han, arrive Aiasaluk (near Ephesus).
Mar. 15. Visit site of temple of Artemis at Ephesus. (Letter 132.)
Mar. 16. Leave Ephesus, return to Smyrna. (Letter 132.)