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Mar. 28. Byron finishes the Second Canto of Childe Harold.
April 11. Sail from Smyrna in the Salsette frigate. (Letter 134.)
April 12. Anchor off Tenedos.
April 13. Visit ruins of Alexandria Troas.
April 14. Anchor off Cape Janissary.
April 16. Byron attempts to swim across the Hellespont, explores the Troad. (Letters 135, 136.)
April 30. Visit the springs of Bunarbashi (Bunarbási).
May 1. Weigh anchor from off Cape Janissary, anchor eight miles from Dardanelles.
May 2. Anchor off Castle Chanak Kalessia (Kale i Sultaniye).
May 3. Byron and Mr. Ekenhead swim across the Hellespont (lines "Written after swimming," etc.).
May 13. Anchor off Venaglio Point, arrive Constantinople. (Stanzas lxxvii.-lxxxii. Letters 138-145.)
July 14. Sail from Constantinople in Salsette frigate.
July 18. Byron returns to Athens.

Note to "Itinerary."

[For dates and names of towns and villages, see Travels in Albania, and other Provinces of Turkey, in 1809 and 1810, by the Right Hon. Lord Broughton, G.C.B. [John Cam Hobhouse], two volumes, 1858. The orthography is based on that of Longmans' Gazetteer of the World, edited by G. G. Chisholm, 1895. The alternative forms are taken from Heinrich Kiepert's Carte de l'Épire et de la Thessalie, Berlin, 1897, and from Dr. Karl Peucker's Griechenland, Wien, 1897.]