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eliminated and others added. Mr. Halsey, I may add, is entitled to the sole credit for one interesting feature of the collection as it stands—namely, the speeches of North American Indians. As these men were the first American orators, specimens of their eloquence deserve a place in these volumes.

During my recent travels abroad I had many opportunities to consult public men in regard to speeches of the orators of England, Ireland, Scotland and Continental Europe. In the compilation of the work I have been placed under special obligations to the following public men of Europe, to whom I desire here to extend my thanks:

Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, M. P., the British Prime Minister.

Rt. Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, M. P., formerly Prime Minister.

The Earl of Rosebery, formerly Prime Minister.

Lord Loreburn (Sir Robert Reid), Lord High Chancellor of England.