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The Dedication

who did their best to keep him down, when they could just as easily have helped him to rise. I am going to have a success, I feel it. In a few weeks' time I'll bring you a batch of criticisms that will astonish you. But what is the matter? why so silent all of a sudden? has my long and conceited tirade disgusted you?

Lucy.No, not at all.

Harold.Then what is it?

Lucy. I was only thinking that—[hesitates].

Harold.Thinking what? About me:

Lucy.Yes, about you and—and also about myself

Harold.That is just as it should be, about us two together.

Lucy.Yes, but I was afraid——

Harold.[Smiling.]Afraid! what of?

Lucy.Nothing, nothing really. I am ashamed that—let me give you some more tea.

Harold.No, thanks. Come, let me hear, make a clean breast of it.

Lucy.I can't, really; you would only laugh at me.

Harold.Then why deny me a pleasure, for you know I love to laugh?

Lucy.Well, then—if you become famous—and rich——

Harold.If I do; well?

Lucy.You won't—you won't forget me, will you?

Harold.Forget you, what an idea! Why do I want to become famous? why do I want to become rich? For my own sake? for the sake of the money? Neither. I want it for your sake, so that you can be rich; so that you can have everything you can possibly want. I don t mind roughing it a bit myself, but——

Lucy.No more do I: I am sure we might be very happy living even here.

Harold.No, thank you; no second pair fronts for me, or, rather,