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Fred M. Simpson

rather, none for my wife. I want you to forget all about this place, as though it had never existed; I want you to only remember your giving lessons as a nightmare which has passed and gone. I want you to take a position in the world, to go into society——

Lucy.But, Harold——

Harold.To entertain, receive, lead——

Lucy.But I could never lead. I detest receiving. I hate entertaining——

Harold.Except me.

Lucy.I often wonder if I do. You are so clever and I——

Harold.Such a goose. Whatever put such ideas into your head? Why, you are actually crying.

Lucy.I am not.

Harold. Then what is that?[Puts his finger against her cheek.]What is that little sparkling drop?

Lucy.It must be a tear of joy, then.

Harold. Which shall be used to christen the book!

Lucy. Oh, don t there, you have left a mark.

Harold.It is your fault. My finger wouldn't have done it by itself. Are you going to be silly any more?

Lucy.No, I am not.

Harold.And you are going to love me, believe in me, and trust me?

Lucy.I do all three—implicitly

Harold.[He kisses her.]The seal of the trinity.[Looks at his watch.]By Jove, I must be going.

Lucy. So soon?

Harold. Rather; I have to dine in Berkeley Square at eight o'clock, at Sir Humphrey Mockton's. You would like their house, it's a beauty, a seventeenth or eighteenth century one, with such