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I. A Study By Sir Frederic Leighton, P.R.A. Frontispiece
II. L'Education Sentimentale Aubrey Beardsley Page 55
III. Le Puy en Velay Joseph Pennell 63
IV. The Old Oxford Music Hall Walter Sickert 85
V. Portrait of a Gentleman Will Rothenstein 111
VI. The Reflected Faun Laurence Housman 117
VII. Night Piece Aubrey Beardsley 127
VIII. A Study Sir Frederic Leighton, P.R.A. 133
IX. Portrait of a Lady Will Rothenstein 151
X. Portrait of Mrs. Patrick Campbell Aubrey Beardsley 157
XI. The Head of Minos J. T. Nettleship 187
XII. Portrait of a Lady Charles W. Furse 199
XIII. A Lady Reading Walter Sickert 221
XIV. A Book Plate Aubrey Beardsley 251
XV. A Book Plate R. Anning Bell 251