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I. The Death of the Lion By Henry James Page 7
II. Tree-Worship Richard Le Gallienne 57
III. A Defence of Cosmetics Max Beerbohm 65
IV. Δαμονιζόμενος Arthur Christopher Benson 83
V. Irremediable Ella D'Arcy 87
VI. The Frontier William Watson 113
VII. Night on Curbar Edge
VIII. A Sentimental Cellar George Saintsbury 119
IX. Stella Maris Arthur Symons 129
X. Mercedes Henry Harland 135
XI. A Broken Looking-Glass
XII. Alere Flammam Edmund Gosse 153
XIII. A Dream of November
XIV. The Dedication Fred M. Simpson 159
XV. A Lost Masterpiece George Egerton 189
XVI. Reticence in Literature Arthur Waugh 201
XVII. Modern Melodrama Hubert Crackanthorpe 223
XVIII. London John Davidson 233
XIX. Down-a-down
XX. The Love-Story of Luigi
Richard Garnett, LL.D. 235
XXI. The Fool's Hour John Oliver Hobbes

and George Moore



The Yellow Book—Vol, I.—April, 1894.