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The Zankiwank

Bad Resolutions Bought, Sold and Exchanged.

a few good, and some slightly indifferent, to be disposed of—a bargain.

No connection with the business next door.

“No connection with the business next door,” repeated Willie.

“Why, you told us that they were brothers—twins,” indignantly cried Maude.

“So they are! So they are! Don’t you see they are twins from a family point of view only. In business, of course, they are desperately opposed to each other. That is why they are so prosperous,” explained the Zankiwank.

“Are they prosperous? I never heard of such a thing as buying and selling Resolutions. How can one buy a Good Resolution?” enquired Maude.

“Or exchange Bad Resolutions,” said Willie. “It is quite wicked.”

“Not at all. Not at all. So many people make Good Resolutions and never carry them out, therefore if there were no place